Public Relations

We understand the science (and the art) of delivering your message to an audience to make a huge impact. We offer traditional PR services and media relationships that give you access to high-level connections. Our strategically persistent communication process gives your brand the best possible results to meet your goals.


Bring the product to your ideal audience. You will be able to reach your market via traditional media buying all the way to social media ads & drip email campaigns. We’ll begin with the end in mind and work backwards to roll out your campaign step-by-step. We work in tandem with your team to create and execute a plan that moves the needle.

Strategic Consulting

Many times, finding the right direction for your brand requires brainstorming, insight, and formation of a plan by someone with experience. Someone who’s walked many others just like you down a similar path. With a combined 50 years of experience, we’ve worked hands-on with every kind of brand from mom-and-pop shops and start-ups all the way to corporations, non-profits and artists.

International Activations

Hello! Salut! Kon’nichiwa! Bonjour! Hola! Juice Consulting has an extensive roster of international clients ranging from Canada House to La French Tech Austin to the British Underground to the New Japan Islands and many more. Whether it be a one-off event in town or a bigger activation during events like SXSW, we have the resources and expertise to help navigate an unfamiliar space.

Social Media

As fun as they are, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the like have evolved into a seriously effective way to realize your vision. We’ll help you harness this power to move your product, create awareness for your brand, build your email list, and grow your bottom line. Strategies will vary depending on your goals, but we can tackle anything from super-targeted Facebook ads that pin-point and build the ideal audience, all the way to content-driven culture-building campaigns that drive engagement and sales.

Celebrity Endorsement & Influencer Outreach

While many strive to achieve celebrity and social media greatness, some talented individuals have capitalized on the ability to reach an audience, an audience whose attention you want. We have the tools and connections to help you land that celebrity endorsement and get your business, story, product, and event in front of the masses.

Curated Introductions

Sometimes it can all come down to who you know. Juice Consulting has a robust Rolodex and 50 years of combined experience building lasting relationships with a diverse group of innovative professionals. We can help you get in front of the industry’s most influential people to take your business or project to the next level.

Red Carpet Management

Hosting a VIP event and want to make a splash on the red carpet? We’ve got you covered! We have the unique and keen experience to keep the red carpet running smoothly and to assure that no memorable moment or opportunity is missed.

Butts in Seats

Not only can we help you fill the room for your big or small event, but we also make sure you’ve got the right people there to ensure your event is an unforgettable success. With a boisterous and diverse rolodex of industry professionals, many look to Juice to plan their social networking calendars.

Run of Show

We can help you keep your event/program running smoothly with our efficiently organized run of show services. From beginning to end, we put together a robust schedule and communicate with all parties to execute a timely set of actions allowing for everything to happen in the right place at the right time.

Talent Booking

Having worked with a vast amount of diverse talent over our many years of experience, we can help you nail down the talent for your next event. So whether you want to treat your guests to a ballad of melodies, a rocking concert experience, or an intimate acoustic session, we’ve got you covered.

Intimate Event Planning

There isn’t anything that requires more attention to detail than event planning. Are you organizing a small corporate event, VIP opening, red carpet extravaganza, or perhaps an album release? In any case, we can help you develop a plan and set it in motion. If you need a special event to go off without a hitch, we have a ton of experience throwing the best parties in town.

Media Training

Camera shy but need to be the spokesperson for your brand? Not sure what to say to represent your brand? We help you define your organization’s key messaging along with tips and tricks to nail those interviews, including predicting questions, avoiding common traps, and focusing on delivering your key messages.

Media Sponsorships & Media Buying

If you are planning a huge announcement, big event or new product launch and need help in traditional advertising placement, or even getting media sponsors to help get the word out, we are here to help. We can take a look at your overall marketing budget and help you allocate funds to maximize your presence via traditional media buying or even sponsorships. We know how to make the most impact based on the audience you wish to reach each time.

Graphic Design

Your logo, website, app, business card, social media accounts, print pieces, apparel and other merchandise all work together to communicate your brand. Our goal-centric approach to design allows you to communicate in a clear, immediate way that speaks directly to your audience. With our design process your brand will be inspiring and memorable.

Web Development

Do you need to build a landing page or marketing site? Or even an e-commerce store, a subscription site, or a full-on web app? Anyone can make a website these days, but we specialize in building web solutions that are designed to meet your goals and communicate your brand brilliantly. Whether it’s building revenue, acquiring leads, building a massive email list, or spreading awareness, we can build it on time and on budget.

Video Production

Video has quickly become the most effective way to communicate your brand. We can tackle everything from a 2-minute piece that tells your story, to a clever TV commercial, to elaborate music videos. We come up with the creative, then storyboard, script, direct, shoot, animate, edit, revise and package it up for YouTube, Vimeo, or even television.

Music Production

“Music branding” has always been the unsung hero of marketing. From catchy jingles to in-store playlists, music can be a huge brand-building element in your marketing arsenal. And for any artists looking to cut their next record, we are in the live music capital of the world and can give you access to the best producers and musicians Austin has to offer. Our team can write, produce, record, mix, master and distribute your next single, EP or album.

Artist Development

We have the connections, experience and insight to put together a solid action plan for your career. We can help you put together a stellar press kit, produce promo photos or help you develop your live performance. We work with both regional and national artists constantly and can connect you with whatever your missing link is be it a stylist, a producer, or even a good web presence.

Product Management

Production, Distribution, Inventory, Point of Sale – there are a ton of tactical things we do that are tricky to keep up with. It may be a strange vocabulary to you, but to us it’s a second language and we understand how each piece works together. We’ll help you develop a product that communicates your message brilliantly and make sure your brand is cohesive across the board. We’ll also help you get your product through to the right markets regionally or even nationally.