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Journal Profile: Heather Wagner Reed blazes her own path, from helping Beyoncé to running her own marketing agency

“Heather Wagner Reed has the juice to manage more than a dozen projects during the frenetic South by Southwest festival. But she also knows how to slow down — for instance, one hobby is collecting vintage items from flea markets.”

Music to Tech and Beyond with Heather Wagner Reed

The Founder & CEO of Juice Consulting is telling Austin stories in genuine and impactful ways.

Change Makers: PR, Marketing & Events

The Founder & CEO of Juice Consulting was included in Austin Woman’s 2024 Change Makers list. Check out the full list at the link below. 



Juicing It Up in Texas

“When I first moved here, I felt like it was a small town,” Heather Wagner Reed says of her adopted hometown of Austin, Texas. The deceptively laid-back atmosphere of Austin, however, is part of why it’s become a major cultural hub of the south, and a perfect home base for Juice Consulting, Wagner Reed’s marketing and PR firm, which is about to celebrate its 16th birthday.

Juice Consulting: Main Squeeze

“After achieving PR nirvana—working for five years with Queen Beyoncé herself—Heather Wagner Reed had one more step to take, and that meant starting her own reign. She began building outward. Juice Consulting, her full-service public relations and marketing firm, started in 2007 as a one-woman show in Bey’s hometown, Houston; Wagner Reed then hired help and made a move. This month she celebrates Juice’s 15th year in Austin. The PR entity launched with a focus in music and creative sectors, quickly acquiring legendary music clients like Asleep at the Wheel and Gloria Gaynor. The firm also worked on a special project with Erykah Badu.”

Heather Wagner Reed is a PR and marketing maven who leads with her heart

“Heather Wagner Reed brings a unique combination of public relations, marketing and community involvement to Juice Consulting. She also has the singular experience of being the former go-to woman for Beyoncé when the pop artist was just starting a solo career in the early 2000s.”

16 Candles: Juice Consulting Celebrates its Sweet 16

“PR and marketing juggernaut Juice Consulting celebrates 16 years of supporting and uplifting the arts in Austin.”

“Check out Juice Consulting in the August 2023 Issue of Austin Lifestyle – page 8”

The Short List: Women-Owned Entertainment Resources in Austin

“Women take the reins in Austin’s music scene, from venues to mental health resources.”

Juice Consulting’s Sweet 16 Birthday Bash

“Austin-based PR and marketing agency, Juice Consulting, threw a 16th birthday bash on May 19, 2023 at Native. Guests were decked out in ‘80s themed outfits. They grooved to live sets from Henry Invisible and Primo the Alien, sipped signature drinks and enjoyed pop-ups from Gold Rush Vinyl and Modern Rocks Gallery. Juice Consulting was started by Heather Wagner Reed in 2007. This yearly celebration is dedicated to Austin’s female entrepreneurs, community leaders, and business owners.”

“Check us out in Tribeza’s August 2023 print issue.”

Barbie and Public Relations - The Pink Episode

“I had a good chat with Heather Wagner Reed of Juice Consulting ( about this. We searched for ideas we liked and discussed how it was a great opportunity (for about a month) for Public Relations professionals.
We discussed a lot more though from political PR moments to AI tools for PR pros and answered some questions about influencers and working with the traditional press.
As usual, we’ve tried to give our thoughts in the hope that these might help you trigger your ideas for things you can use in your own campaigns.”

Success Celebrates the 16th Anniversary of Significance with Juice Consulting's Heather Wagner Reed

“Juice Consulting is an extraordinaire public relations agency based in Austin, Texas. Now in their 16th year, they have moved from success to significance representing clients with class, authenticity and amazing storytelling.

About our special guest, Heather Wagner Reed- Before launching Juice in 2007, served as Beyonce’s senior product manager for five years, worked with an international MBA program based in a 13th-Century Dutch castle, among other epic things. A top-notch polka dancer and a doting mom of two exuberant kids whose names both start with L. Started work at age 14 in her mom’s donut shop – and hasn’t stopped “hustling” since. As an Adjunct Faculty at Austin Community College, she is also always in search of next level nerdy glasses.”

Episode 1276: Heather Wagner Reed, Founder of Juice Consulting, Returns!

“Consulting, marketing and publicity firm, Juice Consulting, turns 16 this year and their founder, Heather Wagner Reed, returns to the show to tell us all about it on episode 1276! Juice Consulting is celebrating with an invite only, “Sweet 16”, 80’s themed, prom this Friday, May 19th at Native Hostel’s Ballroom sponsored featuring music from Primo The Alien and Henry Invisible, with pop-ups by Gold Rush Vinyl, Modern Rocks Gallery, a silent auction and more. Go to for more info on their “sweet 16″ and all of their services. Heather and I have a great conversation about the evolution of Juice Consulting, working with the tech sector, her work with non-profits, A.I. in marketing and publicity, her other interests like, Free Water,  being an Austin Community College adjunct faculty member, mid-century modern furniture and much more. I had a great time catching up with Heather. I’m sure you will too. Let’s get down!”

135. Heather Wagner Reed, CEO, Juice Consulting

“Heather Wagner Reed is the Founder + CEO of Juice Consulting, a boutique PR and marketing firm based in Austin TX that was just named “Austin’s Premiere PR and Marketing Agency” by SPIN Magazine. She’s worked with clients including Gloria Gaynor and Erykah Badu. Before starting Juice in 2007, Heather was Senior Product Manager for Beyoncé, handling her day-to-day management and global marketing coordination for five years as part of Music World Entertainment/Sanctuary Records. In 1999, she was named an “Honorary Alumna” of the MBA program at Nyenrode University where she handled PR and alumni relations. During her time abroad, she picked up some Dutch and French and became well-versed in working with a variety of cultures. “

How to Balance it ALL with Heather Wagner Reed, Founder + CEO of Juice Consulting

“Heather Wagner Reed is the Founder and CEO of Juice Consulting, an adjunct professor of “Marketing and PR for Creatives,” and a single mom of two, along with a vintage collector who serves on the boards of various non-profits. Her successful PR firm, Juice Consulting, is celebrating their 16th year in business this week, as well. How does she do it all, you ask? I wondered the same thing, so today, Heather guides us on her heart-centered business and how she finds balance as a creative, an entrepreneur, a mom, and holistically as a human.”

Juice Consulting Celebrates Sweet 16 with '80s Prom Bash

“Juice Consulting is thrilled to announce that this year marks its 16th year in business, and the team is blowing it out with a “Sweet 16” birthday bash that will last all year long. Founded in May of 2007 by industry veteran Heather Wagner Reed, Juice started out as a one-woman shop and has grown into a seven person team of some of Austin’s most passionate PR and marketing savants. This May, the company turns 16, and in lieu of a traditional 15-year anniversary, Juice is hosting a private “‘80s Retro Prom” themed red carpet bash on Friday, May 19. Featuring a live performance by Austin’s favorite synth-wave alien and electro-pop artist, Primo the Alien, tunes by local funk master Henry Invisible, and other surprise guests, the evening is sponsored by SPIN Magazine, Native Hostel, Good Wolf Entertainment, Taco Flats, FreeWater, Milam & Green Whiskey, Black Star Co-op, Dulce Vida, Empress Gin, SPEC’s, Still Austin, and HERA Tropical Rum.”

Heather Wagner Reed, Jason Reece, Tim Palmer, Nakia | On the Rogue (Episode 3 - Pt 1)

“On the Rogue visited the Native Hostel in Austin, Texas at the 16th anniversary event for Juice Consulting PR firm, founded by Heather Wagner Reed. Watch as our very own Ginger Leigh caught up with Heather Wagner Reed and some of the VIP guests on the red carpet!”

Photos: Juice Consulting Sweet 16 Bash in Austin

“Fox 7 Austin’s Libbi Farrow spoke with the CEO and founder of Juice Consulting.”

Watch here:

Up and Comers - Juice Press

Heather Wagner Reed hosts foundingAUSTIN’s Up and Comers podcast, which has on guests such as SXSW Programming Chief Hugh Forrest

For further interviews, see here

“Fans of the recent releases of Austin musicians such as Suzanna Choffel, Nakia, Emily Bell and Gina Chavez have Heather Wagner Reed to thank. The funky yet sophisticated publicist knows what it takes to make it as a musician in the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world.”

Heather Wagner Reed writes for foundingAUSTIN magazine – she has interviewed guests such as Hugh Forrest (Programming Chief at SXSW), MassChallenge TexasJan Ryan and Lisa Graham and more.

Good Things Come to Those Who HustleHeather Wagner Reed’s Siren Songs

“Heather Wagner Reed is a public-relations maven and, with her friendly manner, nonstop hustle and impressive client list, it’s no wonder she has become one of Austin’s most respected women in the industry.”

“It has been quite a ride for Heather [Wagner Reed]. Thinking about her life and successes, she says, ‘Curiosity is what drives me.’” View Here

“Heather is the real deal and if you’re wondering what a publicist does, she is one of the best examples.” Listen Now

“Any successful artist, now matter how independent, will tell you that they could’ve have gotten completely on their own. But how do you know when you’re ready to start building a PR team? TuneCore Austin’s Amy Lombardi gets both industry and artist feedback from Heather Wagner Reed of Juice Consulting.”

“Reed’s small team is hands-on with clients, focusing on telling their stories with passion, something Reed has learned through her years in the industry.” Read More

“With a legendary lineup and a master at the helm, ten years is just the start for the company. Art is not confined to a paintbrush, but instead can be found wherever creativity flows and Juice Consulting created their own river full of innovation.”

“Austin-based PR & marketing firm Juice Consulting marks its 10th anniversary.” Read More

“She’s worked with Beyoncé, gotten a call from Bono, and been in a hot tub with Sarah McLachlan. But for Heather Wagner Reed, the biggest moment of her life was giving birth to her son at home.”