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Juice Consulting: Main Squeeze

The ladies at Juice Consulting give an insider look into creative PR.

By Brianna Caleri, Photos by Chisum Pierce, Styling by Sage Walker and Juice Consulting, Shot on location at FOTOHOUSE

“After achieving PR nirvana—working for five years with Queen Beyoncé herself—Heather Wagner Reed had one more step to take, and that meant starting her own reign. She began building outward. Juice Consulting, her full-service public relations and marketing firm, started in 2007 as a one-woman show in Bey’s hometown, Houston; Wagner Reed then hired help and made a move. This month she celebrates Juice’s 15th year in Austin. The PR entity launched with a focus in music and creative sectors, quickly acquiring legendary music clients like Asleep at the Wheel and Gloria Gaynor. The firm also worked on a special project with Erykah Badu.” Read more at:

Up and Comers - Juice Press

Heather Wagner Reed hosts foundingAUSTIN’s Up and Comers podcast, which has on guests such as SXSW Programming Chief Hugh Forrest

For further interviews, see here

“Fans of the recent releases of Austin musicians such as Suzanna Choffel, Nakia, Emily Bell and Gina Chavez have Heather Wagner Reed to thank. The funky yet sophisticated publicist knows what it takes to make it as a musician in the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world.”

Heather Wagner Reed writes for foundingAUSTIN magazine – she has interviewed guests such as Hugh Forrest (Programming Chief at SXSW), MassChallenge TexasJan Ryan and Lisa Graham and more.

Good Things Come to Those Who HustleHeather Wagner Reed’s Siren Songs

“Heather Wagner Reed is a public-relations maven and, with her friendly manner, nonstop hustle and impressive client list, it’s no wonder she has become one of Austin’s most respected women in the industry.”

“It has been quite a ride for Heather [Wagner Reed]. Thinking about her life and successes, she says, ‘Curiosity is what drives me.’” View Here

“Heather is the real deal and if you’re wondering what a publicist does, she is one of the best examples.” Listen Now

“Any successful artist, now matter how independent, will tell you that they could’ve have gotten completely on their own. But how do you know when you’re ready to start building a PR team? TuneCore Austin’s Amy Lombardi gets both industry and artist feedback from Heather Wagner Reed of Juice Consulting.”

“Reed’s small team is hands-on with clients, focusing on telling their stories with passion, something Reed has learned through her years in the industry.” Read More

“With a legendary lineup and a master at the helm, ten years is just the start for the company. Art is not confined to a paintbrush, but instead can be found wherever creativity flows and Juice Consulting created their own river full of innovation.”

“Austin-based PR & marketing firm Juice Consulting marks its 10th anniversary.” Read More

“She’s worked with Beyoncé, gotten a call from Bono, and been in a hot tub with Sarah McLachlan. But for Heather Wagner Reed, the biggest moment of her life was giving birth to her son at home.”