Co-managed by Blue October’s Matt Noveskey and recorded at ORB Recording Studios,

nolo’s first full-length album is set to drop Spring 2024  

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – Nov. 1, 2023; source: Juice Consulting) – Today, Austin-based alternative rock band nolo, announce the premiere of their melodic and ghoulish new rock single “RE-ANIMATOR” with The Big Takeover. You can see the exclusive premiere here. Since forming in 2018 after they met in an Austin rehab, nolo has performed in and out of Austin, working on their first full-length album which is slated to be released this Spring 2024. Co-managed by Blue October’s Matt Noveskey and recorded at ORB Recording Studios, the new project will include “RE-ANIMATOR” and explore the theme of mental health and the band’s unique shared experiences more thoroughly. You can catch nolo performing their original music at The Far Out Lounge (located at 8504 S. Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78745tomorrow, Nov. 2 and Saturday, Nov. 18, and Sunny’s Backyard on Sunday, Nov. 12“RE-ANIMATOR” will officially be made available on SpotifyApple Music and Youtube this Friday, Nov. 3. For ticket info and more about nolo, see here.

“The electrifyingly eerie rock track strikes a balance between hopeful and haunting with its ghostly vocals, gospel toned keys and badass guitar riffs” said The Big Takeover about the new single. “The listener is taken on a late night trip to the Twilight Zone, but it’s unlikely they’ll want to escape.” 

“This new track lyrically explores how isolation can distort one’s perception and make you think the people who care about you the most are out to get you,” said nolo. “It takes the listener through our eventual collective realization that the people we were fighting in our lives were the ones who truly cared about us the most.”

Another standout track from nolo’s forthcoming album, set to be released on Dec. 8 of this year, is “Appetite.” The edgier single drives the line between progressive and alt-pop music, expressing one’s inner dialogue while dealing with the stress of everyday life. It is reminiscent of the days when all you want is to throw your phone in the garbage and pull the blankets over your head. The band is planning a single release party for “Appetite” and its accompanying music video on Dec. 8, 2023 at Hole in the Wall at 8 p.m. 


The new album will explore similar lyrical themes found in “Appetite” and “RE-ANIMATOR” with inspiration drawing from different points in the band member’s personal journeys. “I think mental health could be considered a theme for this record, but above all else, it is just a story of different parts of our lives and challenges that we have been through,” said vocalist and guitarist, Brett Mayers


“I think the cool thing about nolo is that creating and playing music together is the symptom of a shared connection,” said vocalist and bassist Ritchie Wall. “The fact that we met under these circumstances and continue to create together is kind of mind-blowing.”


In addition to creating music together, the members of nolo have worked in collaboration with Recovery Unplugged to create and host a monthly event called Sober Sessions; an open-mic concert series available to anyone who wants to perform music in a safe and supportive environment. Sober Sessions are open to public attendance; the next two will take place Wednesday, Nov. 15 and Wednesday, Dec. 13 from 6 – 9 p.m. at 5419 S. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78745. The new year’s sessions will then begin in January and continue to be held on the last Wednesday of each month.




nolo was formed in Austin in 2018 after the four group members met in an Austin-area rehab during a journey of healing and self-discovery. It was there that they drew inspiration from their collective challenges of the past and began collaborating. Composed of Richard “Ritchie” Wall (bass & vocals), Brett Mayers (guitar & vocals), Drew Vena (guitar & vocals), and Jason “Jay” Amato (drums), nolo released their first independent full-length EP “Where We Grew Up” in October of 2021. For the past three years, nolo has honed their sound and made a name for themselves performing in and around Austin, and working toward the release of their first full-length album slated for Spring 2024. Co-managed by Kelsey Flanagan and Blue October’s Matt Noveskey of Daisy Bone Management, the new album was produced and engineered by Kelsey Flanagan (Sydney Palmieri, Crobot, Swimming with Bears) and Drew Blucher at Orb Recording Studios. “So much of working in the music business is instinctual and based on intangibles,” said Matt Noveskey. “It’s really hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about certain artists that makes them stand out and makes them special but I definitely got that rare feeling when I first heard nolo.” You can find more information about the band at the website here. 







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