Austin legacy band premieres their first single in over 30 years, “Life Is What You Make It,” 

set to be officially released on Friday, Nov. 3; The single is from their new album, “Begin Again,” slated to drop Spring of 2024 

(AUSTIN, TEXAS — Oct. 27, 2023; source: Juice Consulting) — Today, Austin-founded, Indie rock band Those Who Dig have premiered their latest single, “Life Is What You Make It,” with Glide Magazine. See here for the premiere. “Life Is What You Make It” is the first single to be released from the band’s new album, “Begin Again,” slated to drop Spring of 2024. The single will be officially released Friday, Nov. 3 via Spotify and all other streaming platforms. The band is comprised of songwriter Matthew Hart on vocals, guitar, mandolin, and piano, songwriter/producer Rod Sherwood on vocals, guitar, synth and piano, Meyer Horn on vocals and drums, songwriter Kit Pongetti on vocals, guitar and percussion, songwriter Lilah Sturges on vocals, bass, guitar, and piano, and Mark Grossman as manager. Those Who Dig create alternative rock music with an eclectic twist, using elements of folk, disco, soul and guitar pop. Founded in Austin in 1991, Those Who Dig are thrilled to release their first album in 30 years. The album explores themes of renewal, wisdom, hope and invokes a compassionate understanding that life isn’t straightforward and our time on this planet is limited. For more information on Those Who Dig, please see here. To follow the band, see their InstagramFacebookBandcamp and TikTok.


Those Who Dig in 1992

“Musically, the song brings together energetic synths, big power chords and a group chorus that immediately signals this fun anthemic tune is here to rock you,” said Glide Magazine. “With lead vocals that bring to mind R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, the band gives us the kind of tune that feels like a rallying call while also being bouncy and danceable. It’s also proof that though three decades may have passed, Those Who Dig have continued to harness a sound that feels fresh, vital and in the moment.” 


“One of the most fascinating aspects of this album is that it was recorded all over the country, in studios, bedrooms, garages, and home offices,” said Lilah Sturges. “The ability to record individual tracks and share them over the internet is what made this album feasible. It also means that there’s no stopping us in the future–no matter where life takes us, we can always keep recording.”


Austin-founded, Indie rock band Those Who Dig have had a career that spans over 30 years; the band came to fruition in the Live Music Capital of the World in 1991 when all the members were college students at the University of Texas. From 1991 – 1993, the band made a name for themselves, experiencing immediate success locally and as a touring act, releasing EP’s “For Those Who Dig Those Who Dig” and “Mitochondria” in 1991 and 1993 respectively, and LP’s “Trouser Gallery” and “Those Who Dig” released in 1992 and 1993. Having received acclaim from the likes of The Austin Chronicle, while playing 92 gigs over a 20 month span, they were fielding record contract offers when they decided to take a hiatus to pursue other careers.

Those Who Dig in 2023

While the band dispersed across the country, they never disbanded. Over the next three decades, Those Who Dig would occasionally come together to create music, however, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic when the various members took the time to slow down, reconnect and rediscover their love of making music together. Now the old friends and collaborators are ready to reintroduce themselves to the Austin music scene with their new full-length album, “Begin Again,” slated to be released Spring 2024.


“Begin Again” was recorded individually by the band members in their respective studios and homes across the country. A compelling and unique element the band employs is the fact that there are four distinct songwriters and vocalists, each contributing their voice to the band’s collective sound. The recording started at Cedar Creek Studios in Austin in May 2023, then in San Marino in Matthew Hart’s garage in LA in June 2023, Chicago Narwhal Studios Wicker Park in July 2023, and remotely in LA, Brooklyn, Austin and Chicago, with all of the band members sending in their pieces. Rod Sherwood acted as the main producer and mixer in his studio in Brooklyn and with Andre Moran of The Belle Sounds engineering work at Cedar Creek.






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