Meet the Team

Heather Wagner Reed

Founder & CEO

Before launching Juice in 2007, served as the Queen B’s senior product manager for five years, worked with an international MBA program based in a 13th-Century Dutch castle, among other epic things. A top-notch polka dancer and a doting mom of two exuberant kids whose names both start with L. Started work at age 14 in her mom’s donut shop – and hasn’t stopped “hustling” since.

Madison Snelling

Senior Account Manager

Born and raised Texas gal. Been pitching media with Juice for the past few years and honed her early chops with English and creative writing studies at the University of Georgia. Manages accounts like it’s her job. Music fanatic and foodie. Self-proclaimed coffee and beer connoisseur. Also writes for MUD Magazine, so she knows a killer “pitch” when she sees one.

Tyler Ostby

Senior Account Manager

Loves following PR trends, analyzing data and being very “social” on the web. Amateur guitarist by day, music-connoisseur by night. Probably owns too many Spider-Man-themed things. Graduate in Public Relations from the University of Texas at Austin. Has more photos of his dog on his phone than photos of friends.

Jacqueline Mackey

Account Manager

Born and raised Austinite proud of her 512 area code. Deeply rooted in the music and arts community and has a background in marketing and web design. Loves to network and find out who knows who. In her free time she enjoys watching re-runs of The Office and spending time with her husband and two cats.

Madelyn Coleman

Account Coordinator

Grew up just south of Austin and always dreamed of working in Texas’ “weirdest” city. Currently a senior public relations student at Texas State University with plans to graduate in the fall of 2022. Social butterfly who’s passionate about all things PR and connecting with others. In her free time she enjoys playing the guitar and bass and never misses an opportunity to go to a concert.