Vibrant and fearless, 22 year-old funk/dance artist Uché announces his official Houston EP release show and birthday party at Studio D on Saturday, July 15.

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – June 29, 2017; source: Juice Consulting) – Bold, fiery and truly one of a kind, Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and model, Uché is setting Texas ablaze with his brand new EP titled My Generation, which was released on Friday, June 9.

After a highly successful official EP release show in Austin, Uché is ready to bring his high-energy, live performance to his hometown of Houston. The official release show will take place on Saturday, July 15 at Studio D, located at 8369 Almeda, Houston, Texas 77054. Doors will be at 8:30 p.m. and admission is free. Opening for Uché will be Grammy-nominee Ben Franklin.

To get a taste of Uché’s music, please see his exclusive video premiere for the single “Mob Luxuries” with The Austin Chronicle here and his KUTX Studio 1A Session here. For more information on Uché, please see www.uchesings.com.

Standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, 22 year-old Texas State University student Uché turns heads and catches eyes when he walks into a room. Having drawn inspiration and influence from prolific musicians such as Prince and David Bowie, Uché’s style, persona and music are all his own – a unique blend delivered in such a manner that it glides and soars between genres and labels. His deep, raspy voice ebbs and flows from one tone and timbre to another effortlessly evolving throughout the melodies of his sound. On stage, he is agile, nimble and overtly energetic, captivating his audience and compelling them to move their feet and dance.

“No apologies, I go hard every freaking time,” says Uché. “You haven’t seen a tall lanky dude ‘get it’ like a short guy can … until now, lol.”

The recently released EP is no exception to that gripping aspect of Uché’s artistry; he poses a social commentary on the state of his generation and tells a story of his own struggles, while at the same time maintaining an electric energy that implores listeners to groove and sway to the beat. My Generation, is a musical biopic chronicling the artist’s descent into a world of self-indulgence fueled by excessive drug use followed by a spiritual awakening that he credits as saving his life. My Generation speaks of the issues I have with my own generation. I meant it to be a musical vehicle that provides fiercely honest social commentary on my generation’s dulled social consciousness, its fascination with living a life of ‘excess’ and the ever popular ‘YOLO’ spirit,” proclaims Uché.

Although his message is one of great social awareness and acts as a call to action for his generation, he manages to keep his music upbeat and beaming with energy. He utilizes ever-popular electronic dance music in a way that merges it with funk and pop and ultimately creates a new sub-genre, a phrase which he coined, “Funk” DM.

My Generation is a fight for control,” explains Uché. “Even the songs are sequenced in a specific order for a reason. ‘Rager,’ the first song on the EP, is a dark and grimy ‘turn-up’ go-hard party anthem meant to give everyone a real bird’s eye view of where I was mentally when I was at my lowest. Just non-stop partying – get high, party then do it all again.”

“Mob Luxuries,” the current single from the EP, was written after one of Uché’s friends overdosed. “It’s about the luxuries of being with your squad, your crew, and the feeling of euphoria you get when you start turning up and you do more drugs than you would than if you were by yourself,” says Uché. The final song on the My Generation EP,

“Do It All Louder,” is about claiming control and declaring not to walk to the rhythm of everyone else. It is the culmination and the conclusion of Uché’s spiritual awakening.

The new EP was written and performed by Uché and recorded at LuckyRun Studios and Z-Mixed Studios in Houston, Texas. The EP was produced by Eddie Ferguson for Walk One Productions and Zeke Listenbee for GoListen Productions, and the project was mixed and mastered by Romel “Nino” Villanueva and Jim Caruana, “Mob Luxuries” DrewG. Anthem remix curated by Courtney M. Anderson and remix produced by DrewG. Courtesy of 69ing Chipmunks. The project’s executive producer is Houston-based Tracy Matthews for The ME Company, LLC.



Mob Luxuries

Made of Steel


Do It All Louder

Mob Luxuries (DrewG. Anthem) (Remix)


Growing up in “Small Town,” Minnesota (as he likes to call it) with his doting parents and sisters, Uché was a fun-loving, eccentric child who enjoyed making people smile. “I was just a weird little boy that danced and did flips everywhere. I think I just loved making people happy.” He reminisces, “I remember telling my mom one day, ‘during school when I can make even one person smile I feel like I’ve done my job.’” One could say he was primed to be an entertainer since day one. He began his career as a dancer and actor, and moved into singing after countless casting directors and agents urged him to give it a try.

“As a kid I was just never the standout singer in the family, I thought that place was for my sisters,” explains Uché. He joined the choir of his high school and church, but never felt fully at home when singing in the midst of a group. He exclaims, “I hated having to just stand there and sway, it was so not for me.” It wasn’t until he took the stage as a solo act that he found his true calling and ultimate inspiration. Uché relocated to Houston, Texas (where he was born) and began his career as a bold, powerful solo artist. With dedication and focus, the Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and model accrued quite the musical resume.

His career ignited when he won the ACUVUE® 1-Day Contest resulting in the release of his original single “Shoo Fly” along with music video sponsored by ACUVUE® and mentorship by Joe Jonas. When Joe Jonas was asked, “what one word describes Uché?” Joe exclaimed, “Energy!” He has also opened for pop star Demi Lovato and Grammy-nominated rapper, B.o.B. Now, with the forthcoming release of his EP, this dynamic, powerhouse performer is positioned to dominate the music scene and elevate himself to icon status.


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