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Beloved local music series The Front Porch hosts its latest installment on Oct. 20 at All Saints’ Episcopal Church.

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – Oct 3, 2016) – The Front Porch is thrilled to announce the latest in its intimate music series “Unplugged on the Front Porch with Matt the Electrician.” The event will take place on Thursday, Oct. 20 at All Saints’ Episcopal Church, located at 209 W 27th St., Austin, Texas 78705. Doors are at 6:30 p.m. and music starts at 7 p.m. Guests are invited to arrive early to mingle with other patrons and enjoy a beverage before the show. Seating may be confirmed by making a $15 suggested donation through the Coho Events site HERE. For most shows, donations can also be purchased at the door. Please see for more information on the event and to purchase tickets, see

Unplugged on the Front Porch is a quarterly happening in the Sanctuary at All Saints’ Episcopal Church. Each edition invites one of Austin’s great local musicians to open up in a comfortable and nurturing setting to perform their music to the community. Roughly an hour and a half of music is divided into two sets by an interview with the artist. On Oct. 20, The Front Porch is ecstatic to have local songwriter Matt the Electrician take the Unplugged stage fresh off his ACL Fest performances. Matt’s thoughtful lyrics, carefully constructed melodies, whistling magic and eclectic acoustic instrumentation all come together in a unique and interesting fashion that has earned him much local and national acclaim. For more information on Matt the Electrician, see here.

“The Front Porch is a nonprofit Public House Church that brings together the diverse conviviality of a village pub and the meaningful discourse of a good church community,” said Stephen Kinney, Executive Director of the Front Porch. “We strive to create opportunities for people of all faiths and perspectives to connect through dialogue, art and music in a world often divided by religion, politics and culture.” Kinney added, “Our Unplugged music series is an extension of that and with it, we hope to bring together people of all backgrounds and faiths and celebrate some of the best music and inspiration in our city.”

The Front Porch is emerging as Austin’s singular “Pub Church” and meets most Sunday evenings at Scholz Garten for continuing dialogue over a season-long topic with insights from some of Austin’s best and brightest. For more information on The Front Porch, please see: “Join us at 5:30 p.m. and see how conversation, live music, and inclusive communion help create a church service unlike any other,” said Kinney. “In addition to the pub church meet-ups at Scholz Garten, we host multiple gatherings each month at various venues across Austin—we happen where compassionate community and practical spirituality meet.”

Some upcoming Front Porch events include:

 Oct. 16: Lynn Goodman-Strauss is the lifeblood of Mary House Catholic Worker of Austin, which she founded in 1991 as a mission to the sick and dying homeless in Austin. NPR’s John Burnett interviews Goodman-Strauss about Empathy. Musician Greg Vanderpool

 Oct. 23: Dr. Pittman McGehee, Jr., psychologist, explores Mindfulness, as it relates to compassion. Musician: Wendy Colonna.

 Oct. 30: Chris Searles, founder of Biointegrity and professional drummer, riffs on what it means to put all of these ideas about compassionate living into Action. Musician: Curtis McMurtry.

 Nov. 6: NPR’s John Burnett and bestselling author, Corban Addison, examine How Little We Know-Karen Armstrong’s seventh step toward a compassionate life from her book of the same name. Musician: Raina Rose.

 Nov. 9: Post-Election Detox service. This event brings together musicians, improv artists, slam poets and others to help move past this year’s divisive election.

 Nov. 13: Jungian analyst and priest Pittman McGehee, Sr. guides a conversation about How We Should Speak to One Another. Musician: Curtis McMurtry.

 Nov. 20: Austin Police Chief, Art Acevedo, talks about what it means to have Concern for Everybody in today’s world. Musician: BettySoo

 Nov. 18, 19 and 20: Bailey Lectures 2016: A Holistic Vision for Healing Our Fractured Past- Native American Perspectives on Faith with Dr. Randy Woodley, Elmer Atlookan and Robert Soto.

[NOTE: The Bailey Lecture Series is an annual, endowed event that brings cutting-edge topics and speakers to Austin. Rev. Dr. Randy Woodley, Ph.D. is a Keetoowah Cherokee (legal descendent), teacher, poet, activist, former pastor and historian. Elmer Atlookan is a member of the Ojibway Tribe of Canada, an accomplished flautist, a teacher, a story-teller, a songmaster and Robert Soto, a Lipan Apache, is an award-winning dancer and artist. Soto serves on the council of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas and the council of the United Apache Tribes of South Texas.]

Media Note: Media are invited to attend the event. To RSVP for the Oct. 20 evening or for general press inquiries, please contact the team at Juice Consulting:

Heather Wagner Reed

713 208 3891

Madison Snelling

210 213 8934