Pecos Hank Set to Release New Music Video ‘Drive Under the Moon’; Sneak Peek Event on Thursday, July 20

Houston-based musician and nationally revered ‘storm chaser’ Pecos Hank Schyma set to release brand new music video with a special sneak peek party at The Secret Group this Thursday.

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – July 18, 2017) – Splice Records and Saint Arnold Brewing Company are delighted to announce that musician and seasoned extreme weather photographer Pecos Hank
Schyma will be releasing a brand new music video for his hit single “Drive Under the Moon.” The track is from Hank’s album “El Reno Blues,” released in August of 2016. After reviewing the album, Andrew Dansby of the Houston Chronicle said, “The beautiful ‘El Reno Blues’ unfolds patiently with an emphasis on mood; it plays like a nighttime drive toward a strange town. The new tunes have a spaciousness and rely on evocative sounds, like the gypsy swing of a violin and heavy guitar reverb.
His songs reflect his affinity for storms.”

In celebration of the video release, there will be a live sneak peek party at The Secret Group located at 2101 Polk St., Houston, Texas 77003 this Thursday, July 20. The event starts at 7 p.m. The
video premiere will showcase Schyma’s new music video and the library of music videos produced by Splice Records. Admission is free and more details on the event can be found here. For more
information on Pecos Hank and his fascinating music and storm chasing career, please see

“Hank is a filmmaker, animal enthusiast, storm chaser and musician. ‘The Driver Under the Moon’ music video showcases his music, his storm videos and his filmmaking ability. We believe his fans will appreciate how he incorporated all those aspects into one piece of art,” said Shaun Brennan, co- founder of Splice Records, Schyma’s newest label home.

Schyma is all of the following: storm chaser, photographer, accomplished YouTube personality with millions of views to his credit, actor, screenplay writer, director, filmmaker, snake handler, trained stunt driver and, not to mention, a songwriter and charismatic performer. He likes to make the joke that he has a direct “genetic link” to Pecos Bill; fitting for a wild man whose true tales of wrestling weather, wrangling snakes and waves (one of his first loves was surfing) are indeed on par with the larger than life folklore cowboy.

“Hank is part animal, part badass musician,” stated Brennan. “He thinks like an animal, understands nature, and has instincts that are not typical in humans. This comes out in his songwriting and his music. He is authentic in his approach and it’s obvious it’s not calculated. I have never met a person that is more in the moment than him — on and off the stage.”

The founding member of the Southern Backtones, a Southwestern Rock band heralded for their voodoo rock, Schyma is alighting on a solo effort after 15 years. Stripping away the “devil-may- care
rock ‘n’ roll” from the undercurrent of Spaghetti Western honky-tonk style that flows through its core, Pecos Hank embodies the deep sound he defines as “what you get when you turn to the dark side of the roots.” A departure that Schyma describes as “new, new, new,” Pecos Hank is like a new town after a catastrophe, it is “a shiny, sparkly new start and that new car smell.”

In 1994 Schyma captured his first bolt of lightning on film and in 2002 his first tornadoes. By 2008 He was a seasoned professional extreme weather photographer working for local TV stations and is now working regularly with national and international entities such as The Weather Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and more. He lives and breathes the art of creation and has created a dedicated following on the road and his YouTube page. He has collectively managed to attract 135,000 subscribers and over 43 million views.

About Splice Records:
Splice Records was founded in 2014 by a Texas businessman and film producer Shaun Brennan, along with Houston musician and philosopher Craig Kinsey, who fronted the wildly popular and
award-winning band The Sideshow Tramps. The pair celebrated the partnership in July 2014 during a sold-out soft launch at Houston’s legendary Fitzgerald's for the release of Kinsey’s “American Roots & Machines” album. Kinsey and Brennan continue to expand the label by signing Pecos Hank Schyma, John Evans, Ancient Cat Society and most recently, Arthur Yoria.



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