Video for the catchy summer tune ‘Twenties’ reveals inspiration behind the song and Bryant’s new creative direction.

 (AUSTIN, TEXAS – June 2016) – Austin’s own Jane Ellen Bryant is thrilled to announce the debut of her music video for “Twenties,” the title track from her three-song EP set to be released on Friday, July 8. The video can be streamed here. Directed and edited by Jordan Haro, the video is the perfect visual insight into Jane’s new direction as an artist and her inspiration behind the song.

“I started daydreaming about how ‘Twenties’ could come to life on screen the moment I wrote the song,” said Jane Ellen Bryant. “I always pictured Jordan Haro directing it because I was so impressed by all of his innovative, fearless work in the past. I’m thrilled he wanted be a part of it. He was the perfect person for the job.”

“We knew the verses in the song already set up the different twenty-something scenarios, but we weren’t quite sure how to make the choruses stand out at first,” said Jane. “We wanted something unusual that no one would expect, but also something that added to the concept. Once the inflatables came to mind, everything fell into place. That image of twenty-somethings grasping onto childhood dreams and crashing unexpectedly is so symbolic.”

Produced by Frenchie Smith, the “Twenties” EP release party will take place at Lambert’s, located at 401 W 2nd St., Austin, TX 78701 on Friday, July 8. The event will feature headliners Emily Bell and the Talkbacks and Eric Burton. Doors are at 9:30 p.m. and Jane will hit the stage at 10:30 p.m. Advance tickets can be purchased: here.

“Of the bands I’ve personally gotten record deals/agents/management etc. in the past…Jane is fundamentally the most important artist I’ve met,” said producer Frenchie Smith. He goes on to say that Jane’s music is “capturing the madness of youth, the manic perils of opening up about heartbreak, all while bringing the listener in more and more by telling the truth. What I look for in an artist is believability, and whatever Jane is performing, I believe it.”

Born and bred in the Live Music Capitol, Bryant grew up surrounded by the very sound, creativity and mystique that have granted Austin its world-renowned title. Drawing from the artistic energy that this city exudes, Jane has found a sound that is raw, infectious and all the while inviting and warm.

“‘Twenties,’ captures the pivotal time in a person’s life when they are worn down by uncertainty, fear, yet feel excited and hopeful for the future; it speaks to the younger generations who have yet to figure it all out, and it presents an element of nostalgia to older generations who remember that tumultuous time in their own lives,” said Bryant.

Although only twenty-five, Jane is no stranger to the music industry. She graduated with a vocal performance degree from Belmont University (Nashville, TN) in 2013, and went on to release her Americana album “Hourglass,” which debuted at #11 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart. The album caught the attention of American Songwriter, who debuted the title track music video.

The album has since received hundreds of thousands of streams and downloads. Not to mention that Jane has shared the stage with numerous music legends throughout her short career; she has played with Ian McLagan and Alejandro Esconvedo, opened for Texas favorites like Joe Ely and Bob Schneider, and toured as a band member of ATX’s up-and-comer Max Frost, while he was on the road with Fitz and the Tantrums.

Jane recently appeared in the bonus features of the “Road to Austin” documentary, singing and performing Stephen Bruton’s song, “Make That Call,” with world class musicians such as David Grissom and Cindy Cashdollar.

Now, on the cusp of her EP release, Jane has honed in on her music and discovered a sound that is unequivocally her own.

“I feel like I’ve finally tapped into my true self with this new music,” said Bryant. “No part of me is holding back anymore. I’m saying exactly what I’m thinking and believing in my instincts. It all excites me to my core.”

Bryant delivers a timeless collection of songs, and the three-song EP is just a taste of the depth that’s to come. For more information on Jane’s music, please see: www.janeellenbryant.com.


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