Emily Bell

Emily Bell is Back with Release of New Single “Goddess of Destruction”

Riveting single takes Bell and her new band, Emily Bell and the Talkbacks, on a new sonic journey; Single available today for digital release followed by a three week residency at Stay Gold in Austin.

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – January 2016) – Austin-based indie artist Emily Bell is back – and this time with a captivating new sound. “Goddess of Destruction,” Bell’s new single, is out today for digital release on iTunes, followed by a three-week residency on Feb. 2, Feb. 16 and March 1 at Austin’s Stay Gold located at 1910 E. Cesar Chavez St.

The shows start at 9 p.m. with no cover. For more information, see http://staygoldaustin.com. Texas Monthly did an exclusive premiere of the track today, stating: “The song itself is certainly fiery, built around stomping drums, shoegaze guitar licks, and Bell’s voice as she prays to Kali— the titular goddess—screaming, “I’m gonna knock it down” to the obstacles ahead. As a polished piece of aggressive pop-rock, “Goddess of Destruction” is a soaring blend of “whoa-oh, whoa-oh” harmonies and triumphantly shouty choruses. It sounds just right as you imagine setting fire to a bad couple of years to make room for a good one.”

“Goddess of Destruction” was produced by Bell, John Evans and Steve Christensen, and engineered by Christensen. It was recorded at the famed Sugar Hill Studios in Houston as part of Bell’s upcoming EP, for which release plans will soon be announced. The single is a bold lyrical and musical turn for Bell, one that sets the tone for her new direction and artistry.

“My family has a farm in Nacogdoches,” said Bell. “Periodically, we need to burn parts of the land. My dad explained to me at a young age that it’s necessary for new growth. That’s how I can describe what ‘Goddess of Destruction’ is about. It’s exploring the idea that sometimes we have to destroy the thing we are trying to change about ourselves.”

With that theme in mind, it comes as no surprise Bell has drastically re-imagined her new direction, including her new band, The Talkbacks, with long time partner John Evans taking lead on guitar, Sam Powell on the keyboard, Anthony Pummill on drums, Rory Grametbaur on guitar, and Daniel Thomas Phipps on bass.

Emily Bell is no stranger to the Austin music scene. The fiery songstress ignited the Live Music Capitol and beyond back in 2013 with the release of her debut album In Technicolor. The album immediately captivated the ears and hearts of Austin’s music industry elites and propelled Bell’s status of local singer songwriter to indomitable, sultry rock powerhouse. Bell’s success was swift and imminent, as she quickly dominated the spotlight and set her music career in motion with unstoppable force.

“Sometimes albums can feel like continuation of the previous, a further exploration of a familiar idea,” said Bell. “Other times they can feel like a more significant turn. This time, for me, it’s the latter. That’s the ebb and flow of life. You get on a roll, you think you know exactly where you are headed and then the bus takes a turn you never saw coming.”

That change came just before Christmas of 2013, with the loss of her partner John Evans’ young daughter, Abigail Evans at the tender age of 20.
Bell and Evans took most of 2014 to heal, and navigate what life was going to look like without Abbie. “Time does not heal all wounds. It will always hurt. But, time guarantees change. And we did change.”

With accolades such as “Best New Austin Act” in the 2014 Austin Music Awards, as well as placement in the top ten for “Best Female Vocalist,” “Austin Album of the Year” and “Austin Song of the Year,” Bell received a coveted Black Fret grant in 2015 and used the funds to start the recording process of her upcoming record, which is set for release later in 2016.

“Everything Emily sings is heartfelt and sincere,” said Matt Noveskey, Austin-based producer and Owner of Orb Recording Studios, who is helping Bell with artist development. “She doesn’t pull any punches and she is not afraid to take real chances. So many artists are playing it safe these days so seeing and hearing someone like her is utterly refreshing. The energy is through the roof and her message is loud and clear. You just can’t ignore an artist like Emily (not that you’d want to).”

The Austin music community and her fans have been eagerly awaiting Bell’s return to the stage, and needless to say, it seems like a long timing coming. But luckily, the wait is over as Emily Bell and the Talkbacks take to the stage again, and this time with her own inner Goddess, foot to the gas, at the threshold. For more information, please see www.emilybell.com.

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