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THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL hosts ‘An Afternoon with Jack Dylan Grazer,’ teen star of ‘IT’ this February

Austin’s ADDERLEY SCHOOL for the Performing Arts is thrilled to announce its new status as a Texas nonprofit and soon to be 501(c)(3), which will go by the name THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL. The nonprofit will provide partial and full scholarships to underserved students from low income Austin communities and underwrite operational costs. As a nonprofit, Adderley will “level the playing field,” giving all Austin children the opportunity to grow and flourish in its transformative theater school program, regardless of their ability to pay tuition. THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL has been operating for the past 25 years on the West Coast and moved to Austin in 2015. In two short years the program has exploded, teaching over 200 kids annually in six locations. For more information, please see

In collaboration with The Austin Film Society and other local community sponsors, THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL will host “An Afternoon with Jack Dylan Grazer,” an event to educate and inspire Austin youth. This event will take place at AFS Cinema, 6406 N. IH-35, Suite 3100, from 3-5 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 3.For ticket information, please see here.

Jack Dylan Grazer, an ADDERLEY SCHOOL alum, is a breakout teen star of the hit Stephen King remake, “IT,” the highest grossing horror film in history. Most recently, Jack will star in DC Comic’s superhero film “Shazam!” Later that evening, Adderley will host “An Evening with Jack Dylan Grazer,” an intimate gathering for interested supporters. This event will showcase Adderley’s Advanced Conservatory, highlighting the significant ways in which it impacts the lives of students and the community as a whole. Both events will incorporate opportunities to meet Jack and a silent auction fundraiser to support Adderley’s nonprofit children’s theater school.
Jack Dylan Grazer

“THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL was and still is one of the key factors that inspired me to become who I am today and pushed me to discover that I am capable of reaching my greatest potential within my craft,” said Adderley alum Jack Dylan Grazer. “I love it so much!”

“Jack grew up in our conservatory. His confidence and success are a great source of inspiration for all of our students,” said Janet Adderley, Founder of THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL. “We are so proud of him and eternally grateful for his desire to help the next generation pursue their dreams.”

“I have spent the lion’s share of my career impacting the lives of countless fortunate children who could afford to pay tuition,” said Janet Adderley. “As a woman of color from modest beginnings, who grew up in Texas in the late ’60s at the dawn of integration, I was also one of the ‘fortunate ones’. I was blessed with brilliant, dedicated parents who supported me and taught me by example to dream big dreams. They made great sacrifices to expose me to everything – theater, ballet, music and art. Sadly, we are not all so lucky. I am determined to be a role model for those less fortunate children among us of all races who don’t have the opportunities and support in life that I had. Musical theater changed my life. Becoming a nonprofit will allow THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL to give all children in Austin the opportunity to benefit from our life changing musical theater school program.”


ADDERLEY students show their enthusiasm at the Texas Capitol (photo credit: Leslie Gilbert)

New board members of the THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL include: Janet Adderley,President; Heather Wagner Reed, Vice President; Adrian Resendez Esq.,Secretary; Beverly Dale, Member at Large; Kathy Valentine, Member at Large; Tracy LaQuey Parker, Member at Large; Cheryl Sekel, Member at Large (Parent Member); and Alana Adderley, Member at Large (School Member).

“I’ve witnessed the Adderley Method in action in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and now Austin,” said Beverly Dale, THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL Board Member. “I’ve seen precious children, including members of the Boys and Girls Club of Austin, light up, break into song and dance and, as importantly, learn the lessons of team effort and responsibility to your friends and fellow ‘musical makers.’ I believe in Janet, Alana and their other ADDERLEY SCHOOL colleagues, and I’m pleased to be help bring the 501(c)(3) to fruition.”

In the 2018 season, Adderley will produce “Les Miserables” at the Zach Theatreon April 27 and 28, featuring 40 gifted students from ages seven to 18 from all over Austin, and “A, MY NAME IS ALICE,” in collaboration with Kathy Valentine at The Townsend on June 1 and 2.

Janet Adderley created THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL in 1993 in an attempt to teach her shy, young daughter how to be heard.

“If I were a color, I’d be fire engine red,” said Adderley. “If my daughter were a color, she’d be lavender. I created THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL to help my lavender girl find her red voice. The training students receive at ADDERLEY fortifies them for life – building confidence, strengthening problem solving skills, instilling the importance of teamwork, accountability to something greater than one’s self and respect for others, not to mention an amazing experience in theater. THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL promotes literacy and the power of the written word.”

“When I was six years old, I was the Prince in Cinderella in a blue sequined vest at THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL in the Palisades in California, and I’ve spent every single day of my life since then just madly in love with musical theater,” said Ben Platt in his Tony Award acceptance speech for Lead Actor in a Musical. See Ben Platt’s acceptance speech for more.


Janet Adderley with Ben Platt at the 2017 Tony Awards
Janet Adderley continues to bring incredible, one of a kind performance opportunities to her students each year. In 2016, Austin ADDERLEY students joined Andrea Bocelli on the stage of the Frank Erwin Center during his Dec. 8 concert to sing backup on “Amazing Grace.” See here for a video (credit: Joe Sekel).
“My life is coming full circle,” said Janet. “Everything I learned about the power of theater, I learned in Texas. My entire creative team – choreographer, conductor, orchestrator – lives in Austin. There are just no words to express the joy I feel coming home to share my passion and knowledge with the next generation. Austin is an amazing place filled with the most gracious, supportive people who believe in the transformative power of music and the performing arts. I am honored to be apart of this vibrant community, to share what I’ve learned and to capitalize on my relationships in Hollywood, bringing actors like Jack to Austin to inspire and ignite the next generation to ‘pass it on.’ Together we will impact the lives of Austin youth in a lasting way.”