Ancient Cat Society album cover art

Ancient Cat Society Announces Self-Titled Album Out May 26

Houston-Based Indie Rock Band Ancient Cat Society Announces Self-Titled Album Out May 26

Official Houston release party at The Heights Theatre on Saturday, May 27

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – April 12, 2017; source: Juice Consulting) – Houston’s own Americana indie rockers, Ancient Cat Society are excited to announce the forthcoming release of their new self-titled album out on Splice Records on Friday, May 26. “Ancient Cat Society” is a genre-bending album that creates a sound all its own, meshing elements of rock and pop with notes of doo-wop and occasional electronica. Its unique sound is brought to life through the earnest, melodious voice of band member Haley Barnes paired with the harmonized vocals of Austin Sepulvado and the impeccable storytelling of Sergio Trevino.
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There will be an official album release party on Saturday,
May 27 at The Heights Theatre, located at 339 W 19th St., Houston, Texas 77008. Doors are at 7
p.m. and the show will start at 8 p.m. Supporting acts are TBA. Tickets for the album release party
can be purchased here.

“Our newest project Ancient Cat Society is about to drop an album that we really want to get into the hands of the old-school music fan,” said Shaun Brennan, CEO of Splice Records. “The type of person who wants to listen to the album from start to finish, as the band wants you to hear it. It is a complete album with incredible songs that play perfectly from beginning to end. The new Ancient Cat Society album is a real piece of art and it is meant for music fans that still appreciate the art of the album, side A and side B.”

Ancient Cat Society band members are Sergio Trevino, Haley Lynch and Austin Sepulvado. Their
new record was produced and mixed by Grammy Award Winner Steve Christensen, mastered
by Chris Longwood and recorded at SugarHill Studios. Album art is Austin artist Adrian Landon

Golden Geese
The Lonliest Pursuit Honey Honey
Do You Feel
Call From Home
Why Are You Getting Married Hey! Hey!
The Leaves
To Reach The Sun

“Ancient Cat Society as a band that embodies everything you want to represent as a label, said Brennan. “Talent mixed with the art of songwriting, with a collective of interesting musicians that possess the human qualities to conquer anything they dedicate themselves to, but they choose music. The songwriting is as close to perfection as I have heard in years. The song construction is unique, yet vintage and the sound has a very human quality that explores every emotional tone.”

“They are a Houston super group in many ways,” he said. “Each band member has more than one project, all of which are worthy of every accolade, but the three together really make for a special project that created this beautiful album.”
About Splice Records:

Splice Records was founded in 2014 by a Texas businessman and film producer Shaun Brennan along with Houston musician and philosopher Craig Kinsey, who fronted the wildly popular and award-winning band The Sideshow Tramps. The pair celebrated the partnership in July 2014 during a sold-out soft launch at the legendary Fitzgerald’s for the release of Kinsey’s “American Roots & Machines” Album. Kinsey and Brennan continue to expand the label by signing Pecos Hank Schyma, John Evans, Ancient Cat Society and most recently, Arthur Yoria.