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Musical Theater nonprofit to put on two special performances of ‘A, My Name is Alice’ featuring young women from THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL 
(AUSTIN, TEXAS – Jan. 22, 2019; source: Juice Consulting) – THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL, Austin’s premier nonprofit for children’s theater, is thrilled to present their first annual scholarship event featuring two performances of “A, My Name is Alice” by young women of THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL. The shows will take place at The Townsend (718 Congress Ave #100) on Friday, Feb. 1 at 6 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 2 at 4 p.m. Tickets sales will help THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL raise funds to support underserved children in the Austin community. Kathy Valentine is joined by other event sponsors including Jamie Barshop, Forrest Preece and Linda Ball and fellow ADDERLEY board member Beverly Dale. There is limited VIP seating available for these performances at $50 per person and general admission will be $35 per person. Those who donate $1,000 or more will be recognized as “Supporters” at the event. For tickets, or to make a donation, see here. For more on THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL, see
“I am thrilled to help present an opportunity for these young women to showcase their talent,” said Kathy Valentine, THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL board member and event sponsor. “I have seen firsthand, and lived myself to experience, the power of music, singing, acting and performance to transform lives.”
“25 percent of the gifted young ladies performing in Alice are scholarship recipients, made possible only through generous supporters of our program. $1,000 in donations provides children in need a full year of musical theater instruction,” said THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL Founder Janet Adderley. “I am so grateful to our sponsors. I am so proud of these astonishing young women, raising their voices together in song to lift others up! There is nothing more pure – nothing more inspirational and good.”
THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL was created in 1993 to teach children how to stand confidently in the world. Since its inception, thousands of toddlers, kids, and teenagers have found a passion for musical theater and a belief in their abilities. With the support of the community, THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL provides partial and full tuition waivers to underserved students from low income Austin communities and stages live performances, which offer Austin youth the opportunity to experience the magic of the musical theater. As a component of The Austin Community Foundation, a public charitable 501(c)(3) ADDERLEY “levels the playing field,” giving all Austin children the opportunity to grow and flourish in its transformative theater school program, regardless of their ability to pay tuition. THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL has been operating for the past 25 years on the West Coast and moved its headquarters to Austin in 2015. In two short years, the program has exploded, teaching over 200 kids annually in six local locations. In addition, Adderley is thrilled to announce its community outreach efforts with after school workshops to be held at Blackshear Elementary sponsored by Beverly Dale beginning in February.
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“I have spent the lion’s share of my career impacting the lives of countless fortunate children who could afford to pay tuition,” said Adderley. “As a woman of color from modest beginnings, who grew up in Texas in the late ’60s, I was also one of the ‘fortunate ones.’ I was blessed with brilliant, dedicated parents who supported me and taught me by example to dream big dreams. They made great sacrifices to expose me to everything – theater, ballet, music and art. Sadly, we are not all so lucky. I am determined to be a role model for those less fortunate children among us who don’t have the opportunities and support in life that I had. Musical theater changed my life. Becoming a nonprofit has allowed THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL to give all children in Austin the opportunity to benefit from our life changing musical theater school program.”
Janet Adderley created THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL in 1993 in an attempt to teach her shy, young daughter how to be heard.
“If I were a color, I’d be fire engine red,” said Adderley. “If my daughter were a color, she’d be lavender. I created THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL to help my lavender girl find her red voice. The training students receive at ADDERLEY fortifies them for life – building confidence, strengthening problem solving skills, instilling the importance of teamwork, accountability to something greater than one’s self and respect for others, not to mention an amazing experience in theater. THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL promotes literacy and a passion for the power of the written word.”
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