Seguin, Texas will play host to the honeywine celebration featuring seven meaderies/wineries, tastings, food and live music!
(AUSTIN, TEXAS – Oct. 26, 2018; source: Juice Consulting) – The Texas Mead Association is excited to present the Seventh Annual Texas Mead Fest taking place tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 27 in Seguin, Texas. Texas Mead Fest is a celebration of mead and mead-makers in Texas, promoting the status of the versatile alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey with water and along with various fruits, hops, spices or grains. The festival will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Seguin Town Square (101 E Court St, Seguin, TX 78155). Tickets can be purchased for $15 in advance and $20 at the door and include eight tasting tickets as well as a souvenir wine glass. To purchase advance tickets, please see here. For more information on Texas Mead Fest, please visit www.texasmead.org.
“Texas Mead Fest has been a great way for us to help build awareness of the growing mead segment among the Texas craft beverage consumers,” said Mike Simmons, Head Meadmaker and Co-Founder of Meridian Hive. “We love to interact with the consumers that are interested to find the next big thing in craft. I love bringing in specialty batches just for the occasion that we would otherwise only have at our taproom.”
Mead from Meridian Hive
This year’s Texas Mead Fest will feature seven meaderies and wineries from all over the state that will present samples of their creations to the public. The participating meaderies/wineries include Blessed Bee Winery, Dancing Bee Winery, Enchanted Manor, Meridian Hive, Mystic Oak, Rohan Meadery and Texas Mead Works. In addition to sampling mead from participating meaderies/wineries, festival participants will also have opportunities to sample a variety of honey used to make the best of Texas meads.
“Since its inception in 2012, Texas Mead Fest has inspired the growing ranks of devotees to craft brewing,” said Clint Walker III, owner of Dancing Bee Winery. “Those of us who are professional spirit crafters are thrilled with the reception that this ‘World’s Longest Enjoyed Alcoholic Beverage’ is receiving in its world-wide renaissance. As more and more people are captured by the spell of fragrant honeys fermented into delectable beverages, we all tapping into our genetic memory banks of our long-ago forbears. Mead Fest is a great opportunity to taste the best of the best in this burgeoning Lone Star craft. I wouldn’t want to miss the seventh annual event!”
Various winning meads from previous Texas Mead Fests
Texas Mead Fest is also the host of the Texas Mead Cup, a professional and homemade mead competition. In 2017, the Texas Mead Cup judged 171 entries from 63 entrants from 18 states as well as Poland. For more information on drop-off locations, registration and rules and regulations, please visit www.texasmeadcup.com.
“Texas Mead Fest is an opportunity for the public to experience the best of the world of mead in Texas, if not the nation,” said Wendy Rohan of Rohan Meadery. “Mead’s profile has risen nationally and within the state, with many more consumers becoming aware of the rich history and delicious taste of this ancient beverage. Members of the Texas Mead Association showcase their finest products each year at Mead Fest. The fest is the only time you will be able to see all the state’s commercial mead makers in one place, and taste their products!”
Mead from Rohan Meadery
About Texas Mead Association:
Texas Mead Association (TMA) has the mission of promoting mead (also called honeywine) in the state of Texas by facilitating collaboration with commercial mead-makers across the state. By supporting best practices and continuing education among manufacturers, TMA seeks to promote the status of honeywine and it’s manufacturers in Texas through public events and competitions.
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