Master Perfumer Krista Lacey’s new space in Springdale General is officially open offering workshops, private consultations and bespoke perfume creation; first “Perfume Making Workshop” to take place Saturday, Oct. 13
(AUSTIN, TEXAS – Oct. 4, 2018) – Austin-based perfumery Roux Saint James’ new studio and showroom is now officially open at East Austin creative hub Springdale General located at 1023 Springdale Road, Building 9, Suite F. Master perfumer and Roux Saint James Founder Krista Lacey will not only showcase her perfume and product line at the new location, but will also offer workshops, private parties and individual custom perfume formulation sessions, called “Mini Bespoke Sessions.” The first Fall workshops will be in October with a Basic DIY style workshop on Saturday, Oct. 13 from 3 – 5 the Roux Saint James studio and showroom. There will also be a full moon perfume making workshop later this month on Tuesday, Oct. 23 from 6 – 8 p.m. To view the Roux Saint James event and workshop calendar, please see here. The Roux Saint James studio and showroom will also be open during the 2018 East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) taking place the weekends of Nov. 10 – 11 and Nov. 17 – 18. Lacey will also be offering Mini Bespoke Sessions,private custom sessions, which are now open for booking. For more information on Roux Saint James and for inquiries on the company’s upcoming workshops or custom projects, please see:
Photo by Mariah Williams from Roux Saint James grand opening event
Lacey’s workshops, both private and public, will be DIY style where guests will get to sample 20-40 different essential oils and will select a few that really speak to them. From there, guests will begin the blending process, starting with base notes working up to the top notes. Each guest will document their formula on a “recipe card” so they know what goes into the perfume and can use it later to order more. When each guest is done, they leave with a small bottle of oil-based perfume of their own creation.
As the holidays approach, Lacey is also offering a wonderful gift idea with private, custom perfume making called Mini Bespoke Sessions where guests get a private, very interactive, one on one perfume making experience with Lacey and will have access to her entire selection of aromatics. Lacey’s Mini Bespoke Sessions are for individuals looking to create a custom perfume that reflects their own uniqueness. During these sessions, customers will get to test various raw materials from Lacey’s entire organ and will get to walk through the entire blending process with her. When the two hour session is over, customers will leave with a small bottle of “working perfume” to bring home for a test period, which will allow the perfume to macerate and give customers the time to see if the formula is right for them. If the customer is satisfied, Lacey will then create the final product, a full bottle of perfume either an oil or alcohol base, depending on the customer’s preference. All formulas are kept on file and are meant solely for that customer.
“The workshops and custom perfume making sessions make for great holiday gifts for friends, family and loved ones or just a way to treat yourself,” said Lacey. “Rather than investing a bottle of perfume you aren’t quite sure about, have one made that is just for that special someone. Not only will they be getting a gift that will last throughout the year, but they also get this unique and indulgent experience.”
Roux Saint James Founder Krista Lacey
Roux Saint James has been producing small-batch, all natural, intention-based botanical compounds and perfumes since 2011. Their products beautifully blend the art of high perfumery and aromatherapy using essential oils that revitalize the connection between scent and the sacred. Master perfumer and Roux Saint James Founder Krista Lacey is truly one of a kind in the sense that there are only 1,000-1,200 perfumers like her worldwide. As a self-taught perfumer and craftswoman of essential oils, she looks for distinct scents and compounds in nature that call to her senses and then uses them to create aromatic, enticing unisex perfumes. This coming year, she will also be announcing the release of a new line of botanical incense and will be adding some architecturally inspired incense burners and vessels to compliment the products.
“Scent is all around us, whether we recognize it or not,” says Lacey. “It can be pleasant or foul, just like our daily activities. So many of our memories are not only based on our sense of smell but are wildly triggered by scent. The idea of creating something that can have a direct effect on the human spirit fascinates me, since most memories evoke emotions of some kind. So why not create something that can make people feel better and have pleasant, loving memories? Scent has the ability to transform us. It sets a tone for the day. It can soothe, energize, center and heal. It can remind us to take time, reflect on ourselves, enjoy the moment.”
Roux Saint James currently carries eight botanical perfumes available in both an oil-based perfume and an alcohol-based perfume. Each scent is unique and comes with a small meaning card that outlines the key notes in each perfume, as well as a intention card revealing the meaning of each scent which can be used as a mantra when applying the perfumes. “1920” is among the best sellers and was one of the first perfumes created by Lacey.
Photo of private custom perfume session
“It is a classic perfume that feels familiar to just about everyone,” said Lacey. “I used materials that were popular during this era but also wanted to capture the path of women during this time. It was a great time of change and progress; we were finding our liberation. So this perfume is all about celebrating our free spirits while paying homage to the scents that contributed to the idea of the modern woman.”
Other popular scents are “Carus” (a custom scent originally made for her husband), “Ozone” and “Terrene.”
In addition to the new incense line, this year Lacey will also be releasing a new custom fragrance for esteemed leather craftsman Noah Marion. This will be her second collaboration with Marion, the first being the perfume “1951.”
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