Master Perfumer Krista Lacey shares the news that her studio and showroom will now be based in Austin’s newest east side creative hub Springdale General; Lacey to open Austin’s first natural perfumery offering workshops, private consultations and bespoke perfume creation

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – Aug. 9, 2018) – Austin-based perfumery Roux Saint James announces a change of location for their new studio and showroom. The perfumer will now be based at East Austin’s newest creative hub, Springdale General, located at 1023 Springdale Road, Building 9, Suite F, Austin, Texas 78721. The grand opening event will be at that location on Friday, Sept. 14 from 6 – 9 p.m. and is open to the public. To RSVP, please see here. The company will not only showcase its perfume and product line at the new location, but will also offer workshops, custom perfume formulations and access to a large collection of essential oils. For more information on Roux Saint James and for inquiries on the company’s upcoming events or custom projects, please see:

“We had a change of plans come up with our original store location that actually, and to my surprise, was the impetus to me now landing my dream showroom location and studio space,” said Roux Saint James Founder Krista Lacey. “I have been blessed to find a space in an area I have pined after for years. The new Springdale General location allows me to be closer to many of my artists friends and be part of an ever growing creative community. It also gives me more flexibility to showcase the product line as well as give a glimpse into the perfumers studio. I am so incredibly excited about this unexpected adventure and I am looking forward to the positive changes it will bring.”

A collection of oil-based botanical compounds in roller bottles
“Roux Saint James is another exciting addition to the creative community at Springdale General,” said Springdale General development property manager Andy Pokorny. “Tenants like Krista make this an incredibly dynamic environment that will help sustain and feed Austin’s creative class.”

Roux Saint James has been producing small-batch, all natural, intention-based botanical compounds and perfumes since 2011. Their products beautifully blend the art of high perfumery and aromatherapy using essential oils that revitalize the connection between scent and the sacred. Master perfumer and Roux Saint James Founder Krista Lacey is truly one of a kind in the sense that there are only 1,000-1,200 perfumers like her worldwide. As a self-taught perfumer and craftswoman of essential oils, she looks for distinct scents and compounds in nature that call to her senses and then uses them to create aromatic, enticing unisex perfumes. This coming year, she will also be announcing the release of a new line of botanical incense and will be adding some architecturally inspired incense burners and vessels to compliment the products.
“Scent is all around us, whether we recognize it or not,” says Lacey. “It can be pleasant or foul, just like our daily activities. So many of our memories are not only based on our sense of smell but are wildly triggered by scent. The idea of creating something that can have a direct effect on the human spirit fascinates me, since most memories evoke emotions of some kind. So why not create something that can make people feel better and have pleasant, loving memories? Scent has the ability to transform us. It sets a tone for the day. It can soothe, energize, center and heal. It can remind us to take time, reflect on ourselves, enjoy the moment.”
Roux Saint James Founder Krista Lacey

Roux Saint James currently carries eight botanical perfumes available in both an oil-based perfume and an alcohol-based perfume. Each scent is unique and comes with a small meaning card that outlines the key notes in each perfume, as well as a intention card revealing the meaning of each scent which can be used as a mantra when applying the perfumes. “1920” is among the best sellers and was one of the first perfumes created by Lacey.

“It is a classic perfume that feels familiar to just about everyone,” said Lacey. “I used materials that were popular during this era but also wanted to capture the path of women during this time. It was a great time of change and progress; we were finding our liberation. So this perfume is all about celebrating our free spirits while paying homage to the scents that contributed to the idea of the modern woman.”

Other popular scents are “Carus” (a custom scent originally made for her husband), “Ozone” and “Terrene.”

In addition to the new incense line, this year Lacey will also be releasing a new custom fragrance for esteemed leather craftsman Noah Marion. This will be her second collaboration with Marion, the first being the perfume “1951.”
Products in the Roux Saint James studio

About Roux Saint James:

The world of perfume is expansive and often times mysterious. It has an unexplainable allure that speaks to our primal nature. For centuries, perfumes and incense were used ritualistically, with reverence and sacredness. However, in modern times, divinity and respect have been reduced to an afterthought of our dressing routine or revered as a way to attract a sexual partner. Austin-based perfumery Roux Saint James aims to revitalize the connection between scent and the sacred with its all natural, intention-based botanical compounds. Each of Roux Saint James’ mindfully crafted perfumes are delicately blended in small batches and made from natural ingredients in an effort to be a healthier and more therapeutic alternative to conventional perfumes. Roux Saint James’ founder, aka Boss Lady Perfumer Krista Lacey is the mastermind behind it all. Her primary goal is to exude an aura of restorative healing and provide support to our spirits promoting overall well-being and spreading good intentions through the use of scent. She carefully merges the art of high perfumery with aromatherapy using essential oils that are selected for the specific intention for each product, from perfume to incense and other beautifully crafted goods. Sourcing natural materials locally and worldwide, Lacey creates products that not only smell good, but make you feel good with the ability to evoke both memory and emotion. For Lacey, creating perfume is much more than just smelling good. It is an artform. It is a way of life. The process of creating perfume is an intricate and labor-intensive task that requires years of study. The world of a perfumer is sort of secretive, private and very small. According to Lacey, in the modern world of perfumery there seems to be a disconnect between perfume and medicinal aromatherapy. She is filling that gap by creating natural perfume and other scented products from scratch in her small, but mighty, studio in south Austin. Her goal with Roux Saint James is to form balance between the raw elements and the therapeutic value of the elements used in her products to create something original and extraordinary from the sum of the parts.

From a young age, Lacey was fascinated and compelled by scent. As she started down the path of making perfume herself, she realized she wanted to use perfumes as a narrative to engage people in the ancient ritual of anointing and honoring themselves as to become part of the narrative or create one of their own. She extensively researched and studied how to create her perfumes from naturally sourced materials and through her journey she developed a holistic approach that is as much about healing, wellness, mindfulness and intention as it is making and selling scented products. Since Roux Saint James came to fruition in 2011, Lacey has created custom perfumes for well-known, local brands such as “Saint Cecilia” and “Madurai” for Hotel Saint Cecilia, “Helm No. 1” for Helm Boots and “1951” for Noah Marion Quality Goods, with whom she is developing a second branded perfume to be released in late 2018. In 2016, Lacey participated in the Thinkery Sensory Event; an interactive scent experience meant to evoke scent memory and let people make public postings of those memories. She was also involved in the Starz Sensory House at SXSW 2018 for the activation of “Sweetbitter” and “Vida”; four custom scents based on the characters of the show “Sweetbitter.” She has hosted special workshops and has traveled to various local maker’s fairs and pop-up events around Austin, Houston and Dallas such as Renegade Craft Fair, Cherrywood Art Fair, Blue Genie Art Bazaar, Heartmade Art market and Origin Designer Market. Roux Saint James products have been sold at Blackmail and Limbo Jewelry on South Congress in Austin, Hello Amelia in Portland, Oregon and Dustmuffin in Silverlake in Los Angeles. Roux Saint James products can be found currently in Articulture Designs on South Manchaca in Austin.

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