Survive2Thrive also announces new app Sanctuary that aims to provide domestic abuse victims with easier access to safe spaces and life resources

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – Aug. 2, 2018; source: Juice Consulting) – Austin-based nonprofit Survive2Thrive Founder/CEO and local musician Courtney Santana is thrilled to announce that her new book, titled “Off Kilter,” is out now. The book details Santana’s personal journey and delves into different stories of violence, abuse victims and abusers. To purchase “Off Kilter” and to learn more about the book, see here. Survive2Thrive is also proud to announce the beta version of its brand new app SANCTUARY (launching later this year), designed to give those affected by domestic violence assistance, transportation and housing options. For more information about the SANCTUARY app, please see here.

“Imagine a victim who leaves everything to end their violence and abuse, someone who should be met with open arms and options to rebuild your life, is facing crushing poverty and unintended homelessness as a result of making one of the bravest decisions of their lives,” said Courtney Santana, founder and CEO.“Using technology and collaborative innovation, Survive2Thrive is taking victim homelessness head on, to give options to those victims, encouraging and reassuring them they have made the best decision to escape.”

Cover of “Off Kilter”
The Survive2Thrive Foundation is dedicated to providing life-changing resources and support to displaced victims of domestic violence and abuse. The organization was founded in 2006 by domestic abuse survivor Courtney Santana, who brings together over a decade of experience as a well-renowned and respected public speaker and as an advocate who works tirelessly to support her survivor family. With a diverse background in volunteerism and community philanthropy, Santana sought to create an organization that could provide opportunities, resources and awareness for domestic abuse survivors by utilizing innovations in technology and thought. Survive2Thrive was created as a way to directly provide those services. The nonprofit develops innovative programs relevant to the survivor experience and creates inroads into various industries to educate and activate through awareness, building a bigger, better, stronger, sustainable nonprofit.

As over four million men, women and children can become homeless and susceptible to more violence and abuse because of their decision to leave their violent and abusive homes, Survive2Thrive shifted their business model specifically to take on the growing homelessness epidemic in the hopes of serving victims through their programs, advocacy, partnerships, events and technology.

One of the Foundation’s new programs is their SANCTUARY app which will help domestic abuse victims find available space and avoid having to call overcrowded shelters with no room. The app will help direct the victims to referring agencies or the Survive2Thrive Foundation directly to disclose their location so they can transport them through transportation partners (Lyft or Families to Freedom) to either a local shelter or a Survive2Thrive secured hotel partner. Victims can also use this app as a tracking system for their important appointments, contact information, personal goals and completed goals, all laid out in a customized format able to be referenced at any time. Emergency shelters, law enforcement agencies and other referring agencies will also be able to use the app to reach more victims, giving access to available shelter and hotel space, transportation options, 24/7 live advocate support, essential resources and a tracking system, all from their phones.

Screenshot of SANCTUARY app
Santana’s new book “Off Kilter” is out and available now and covers the founder’s life through her experiences as a domestic abuse victim and survivor. Santana had begun writing “Off Kilter” five years ago when she realized she had not truly recovered from the violence, abuse and trauma she had experienced in her life. In the book, Santana looks into the circumstances and reasons that may be behind domestic violence, interviewing experts in couples therapy to get a perspective on these types of relationships, while also reflecting on her own actions and mindset during the dysfunctional and traumatic times in her relationship. With this book, Santana seeks to give closure to those domestic violence victims and abusers, still trapped in their webs of anger, hurt, confusion, disappointment and most of all, misunderstanding.

“True realization of my survivorship and a permanent life change led to this book in this format and my only agenda is to give other survivors like myself the same gia of freedom through education of the trauma they have been through, the clearing of guilt they experience, and comfort in knowing there is a community of strong survivors just like them, seeking answers, healing, and rebirth,” said Author of “Off Kilter” Courtney Santana. “Domestic violence is not made of incidents. It’s a process that develops over time.”
Survive2Thrive Founder and CEO Courtney Santana


Survive2Thrive Founder and CEO Courtney Santana has over a decade’s worth of experience in advocacy for those affected by domestic violence and abuse, being a survivor of domestic abuse herself. Santana’s diverse background in volunteerism and community philanthropy led her to start the survivor support initiative Survive2Thrive Foundation to help provide direct services to survivors of domestic violence. With current technological innovations, Santana and the Foundation seek to bring to light the growing epidemic of domestic violence, forced homelessness and displacement for victims and their families. The Survive2Thrive Foundation has also recently been selected as this year’s Ethics in Business & Community awardee in the Nonprofit category by RecognizeGood, an accolade that highlights outstanding ethical business practices and celebrates Central Texas businesses doing good. The mission of the Survive2Thrive Foundation is to provide life-changing resources and support to displaced victims of domestic violence and abuse, and to assist them in creating their own sustainable path to recovery, self-sufficiency and success. For more information, please see



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